Most Durable Concrete Resurfacing – Epoxy Stone Surfacing

Research and Development

EverStone™ invests heavily in R&D to ensure that we can provide the strongest and most durable epoxy stone floor available.

EverStone™ is applied to a substrate that has been prime coated with our proprietary blend of odor-free epoxy which has an adhesion of 400+ psi (ASTM D-4541) and a compressive strength of over 11,000 psi (ASTM C-579).

Compare Apples to Apples

Our documented and proven system uses more epoxy than any other on the market, enabilng EverStone™ to fully bond to the treated surface.  Most of our competitors use less epoxy and no prime coat, compared to our 1-1/2 to 2 gallons of cyclo-aliphatic, epoxy resin per 200 pounds of stone.  This assures proper bonding and durability, while sealing the damaged surface.  Our epoxies are developed for this specific application and dry “water clear” to assure that our stone colors are not discolored.

Stone Makes a Difference

EverStone™ distributors only install small decorative stone as opposed to large rock. The reason is simple: small stone yields a tight-knit, highly compacted and durable floor that is easy to clean and comfortable to walk on as opposed to floors consisting of larger stone.  Although smaller stone requires more craftmanship to install, our customers receive a superior finished product.


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