Natural River Stone Epoxy Overlay

EverStone is a blend of natural stone aggregate and proprietary epoxy that is applied over your existing surfaces.  Our stone is small grained, making it very aesthetic and comfortable to walk on, while being more durable than the larger stone that others typically use.

EverStone is a great alternative to standard flooring finishes.  It is completely porous and as a result is puddle-free, making it an excellent alternative to tile and other slippery finishes.  Although porous, the individual grains are sealed with the epoxy resin making it stain resistant and easy to maintain.

Why EverStone is the Right Choice?

EXPERIENCE – EverStone has over 10 years of experience and has performed thousands of quality installations across the country.  As a fully trained and certified EverStone distributor, EverStone Front Range, Inc. employs our installers and does not sub-contract to assure quality.

MATERIALS – EverStone uses a smaller grain stone aggregate than its competitors.  Although more difficult to install, this smaller grain is much more comfortable to walk on and allows better adhesion between individual stones and therefore a more durable surface.  Most importantly, this smaller grain allows near perfect repairs should the base concrete crack (which is almost an eventuality with Colorado’s soils).

VERTICAL EPOXIES – through extensive research and development, EverStone has developed a proprietary vertical epoxy, enabling us to cover vertical areas such as steps without leaving behind outlines of the forms our competitors must use in vertical applications.

WARRANTY – EverStone Front Range offers a standard 3-year transferable warranty along with an optional 10-year warranty.

DURABILITY – unlike many of its competitors, EverStone applies a primer coat of epoxy to the existing concrete prior to installing the stone surface.  The primer coat not only seals the existing concrete, but also ensures proper bonding.  The result is a durable surface that resists delamination over time.

ODOR-FREE – EverStone’s proprietary epoxy resins are odor-free while curing – an important consideration for interior applications.

WEATHER RESISTANCE – in exterior applications exposed to direct sunlight, EverStone applies a UV coat over the finished surface to preserve the integrity and the glossy appearance of the epoxy.

VARIETY – EverStone’s natural stone comes from quarries across North America and is available in over 24 different colors, making it easy to find a shade that matches your architecture or surrounding landscape.

INSURED – EverStone Front Range, Inc. is a locally owned company and is fully insured.

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